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At 21, Zion Clark redefines dedication and determination. He’s a wrestler, MMA fighter, and professional track & field athlete. And he was born without legs. Unimpressed? Add being a Guiness Record holder as the ‘Fastest Man on Hands’. On this episode of Train Like, Zion takes us through his training routine that serves as therapy and preparation on his journey to becoming a multi-time Olympic athlete. Watch more Men’s Health Train Like videos HERE:

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0:00 Intro
0:13 Meet Zion Clark
0:50 The Workout
1:05 Bodyweight Dips
1:34 Striking Drills
2:17 Bosu Ball Push-Ups
2:52 Fanbike Intervals
3:28 Cooldown
4:45 Guinness World Record Holder

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