The Role Race Plays In Sport



This video is not intended for sensitive audiences. It is not intended to cause divisions, nor is this video here to push any form of race supremacy or racism. If you are a racist, please leave! I have shared this video for informative purposes.

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In this video I go over the following questions:
Why do Black people build muscle faster?
Why do white people dominate strongman?
Why do Asians dominate Olympic Weightlifting?
Why are Polynesians so strong?
Why do black people run faster?
Why are East Africans so good at long distance running?
Why don’t Black people perform well in swimming or Strongman?

I understand that race is a social construct. However, there are differences between different groups of people who have been native to different parts of the Earth. Therefore, in this video, I will be discussing East Asians, West Africans, East Africans, Europeans, Pacific Islanders, South Asians, Southern Africans, Middle Easterns, Northern Africans, Latinos and other mixed people (Including Biracial people).

Black people seem to dominate sprinting and jumping. We can see this in basketball, American football and Track and Field. Black people also seem to build muscle faster. Another commonly perceived trait is that Black people perform well in power output. This is evident in boxing and MMA.

Black people also seem to dominate long distance running (endurance events). This is especially evident, when looking at East Africans such as Kenyans and Ethiopians.

East Asians seem to dominate Olympic weightlifting. They seem to be very strong pound for pound.

Europeans seem to dominate Strongman competitions and a lot of Powerlifting events. Europeans also seem to dominate swimming, cycling, gymnastics, wrestling, areas in bodybuilding, along with other sports.

Pacific Islanders seem to dominate rugby and certain positions in American football. They seem to put on mass extremely fast and to be extremely athletic and powerful for their size.

In this video I will look at 6 genetic factors, along with 2 additional factors, that play a role in certain sports and events.
The factors are:
– Anatomy
– Muscle Fibre Types
– VO2 Max
– Myostatin
– Androgens
– Culture
– Money

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More words on Genes

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Intro 0:00
Disclaimer 0:03
Race Groupings 1:46
Characteristics 2:44
East Asians 9:30
Black People 12:18
West Africans 13:17
Slavery 15:06
West African Reasons 20:52
East Africans 30:11
Europeans 34:23
Pacific Islanders 39:48
South Asians 44:32
Southern Africans 46:47
Mixed People 47:08
Football (Soccer) 48:44
Genetics AREN’T everything 49:50
IQ World Map 51:24
Myostatin World Map 51:41
South Asian Diversity 52:04
ACTN3 Chart 52:39
Final Words 53:35

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