Stop Making This HUGE Face Pull Mistake!

If you do face pulls, then you need to watch this video to see the right way to do one and how to stop making this huge face pull mistake. If you’re not doing face pulls, then I have to ask, are you even watching my channel? Everyone knows how important I believe this exercise is. The key however is not just doing it but making sure that you do it right.

The face pull is a great exercise for developing the muscles of the upper back, rhomboids, rear delts and rotator cuff. When it comes to the rotator cuff muscles, their job is to externally rotate the shoulder. In fact, their only movement function is to create external rotation of the shoulder. Ignoring their function is a recipe for long term shoulder health issues.

In order to keep a shoulder functioning normally with proper biomechanics you have to take the time to strengthen the muscles that keep the humerus centered within the glenoid. If this is in place, as you raise your arm up overhead you will keep the arm out of an impingement position and limit the inflammation and pain that can come as a result.

Whenever you do an overhead pressing exercise or a barbell OHP, you want to be sure that your shoulder has the ability to remain stable.

If you aren’t doing face pulls right now, make sure you start. If you are, be sure you’re doing them the right way. Far too often people will lead with their elbows when performing this exercise. That is not correct. When leading with the elbows you are creating internal shoulder rotation with elevation. This can lead to impingement over time. A good exercise with amazing benefits can quickly become one that isn’t so beneficial at all.

Instead, think of it as a race to the back between your hands and your elbows. If your hands win the race then you’ve done the exercise correctly. If your elbows win the race then you’ve done it incorrectly. Maintain the ninety degree angles between your elbows and shoulders as well and you will be sure that you’ve done this hugely important exercise the right way.

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