MLB Pitcher Turned Bodybuilder (UNRECOGNIZABLE!)

Kyle Farnsworth, MLB pitcher turned bodybuilder, might be unrecognizable to those that watched him during his playing days. In this video, I’m going to discuss why his fitness transformation and his pursuit of bodybuilding is not that surprising to me.

To start, we can see that his physique is clearly in bodybuilding shape. There is no doubt that he looks jacked and lean. Just a short time away from appearing in his first bodybuilding competition, he took a bathroom selfie that has been circulating the internet and was picked up by The New York Post. This picture has led some to speculate that some assistance was used to aid his transformation. As it turns out, this theory is not a shocker to me.

Farnsworth played through the era of the enhanced baseball player and when the famous Mitchell Report came out, there was rumors that he would be on it. Why? He was known throughout MLB for being jacked, especially at 6-foot-4 and 240 lbs. His sheer size and muscularity was enough for some to speculate that he would be outed while pitching in the MLB. These rumors turned out to be false and he was never named in the report.

Something worth noting about Farnsworth, especially when it came to his training, is that he was one of the, if not THE hardest worker in the room. During my days as a physical therapist and strength coach for the New York Mets, I actually got a chance to see him in the weight room when the Mets were playing the Yankees.

I remember one particular day, I arrived at Yankee Stadium on a day where the game started at 7 pm. Wanting to get a workout in before the payers arrived, I walked into the weight room pretty early in the day. Who did I see already in there, hammering away at leg extensions? You guessed it, Kyle Farnsworth! The man was one of those first-in, last-out kind of workers; making sure that not a moment of effort in the weight room was wasted.

Now, I found this very interesting because I did not know many baseball players, especially pitchers, to train like bodybuilders. His training was very physique-focused when I found that most players at his position would train differently. Thus, based on the training that I’ve seen him perform in the past, the transition to bodybuilding really isn’t all that surprising to me. Clearly he had an interest in these types of workouts, thus eventually Farnsworth’s muscle building routines would continue past his career.

Kyle Farnsworth was known throughout Major League Baseball for not only being big and muscular, but for being extremely tough as well. Farnsworth, at his stature alone, was imposing – however, he was also not one to back down from a confrontation and even a fight. This left him as one of the more intimidating baseball players, let alone pitchers.

In one particular instance, there was a confrontation with a batter (the opposing pitcher, Paul Wilson,) who took exception to the location of Farnsworth’s pitch. Jawing back and forth, Kyle goaded Wilson into charging the mound, who did exactly that. Unfortunately, for Wilson, he didn’t realize the beast he was going up against. Farnsworth speared him to the ground in a manner that would make Bill Goldberg proud.

After the benches cleared and the brawl was settled, Wilson returned to the dugout battered and bloody while Farnsworth was smiling and chuckling about what had transpired.

If you were wondering, yes there was in-fact a bench clearing when I was with the New York Mets. The only difference was that I was not involved… at all. When the players rushed the field and I was ready to join them, our head trainer made sure that I wasn’t going anywhere. So, I stayed in the dugout and watched from afar. Probably for the best, I might add.

So, looking back at the type of baseball player Kyle Farnsworth was and especially how I witnessed him training, it is of no surprise to me that he is now getting ready for a bodybuilding competition. He was jacked when he was playing and he’s even more jacked now, which, as I said before, is of no surprise to me.

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