Lose 30 Pounds In 30 Days with Weight Loss Subliminal | How Subliminals Work? Lose 15 Kgs In 30 Days

Lose 30 Pounds In 30 Days with Weight Loss Subliminal | How Subliminals Work? Lose 15 Kgs In 30 Days | Binaural Beats | Subliminal To Lose Weight 30 LBS In 30 Days | Subliminal Explained!
Lose Weight Fast – Extremely Powerful Fat Burn Frequency Lose 30 Pounds In 1 Month | Weight Loss Binaural Beats

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This subliminal is designed to give you Extreme Weight Loss!

PS: 1. Put on an earphone to listen to this weight loss subliminal
2. Enjoy this video 3 times / 30 minutes a day for optimum results
3. Listen to this audio at 30% volume

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Both Men & Women can enjoy the benefits to this subliminal. These beats have been used to induce a calming and relaxing mental state and, as a result, they are used to lower stress levels, boost concentration, decrease anxiety, improve relaxation, manage pain, increase creativity, promote weight loss and do much more.

When you’re listening to Binaural Beats through a headphone, both ears hear two beats at two different frequencies. However, after some time, your brain is able to process the tones and produce a single beat (like a third beat) with the frequency being the difference between those of the original two frequencies.
This is going to be a relaxing session so make sure you are not disturbed by anyone or anything.
Be at a comfortable place.
Take a long breathe and feel your breath while breathing in and out.
Keep your eyes open while breathing in and close when you breathe out.
Feel the sensations in your body, the temperature of the surrounding, etc.
Maintain your focus and concentrate on the area you want to lose weight.
The sensations are different for everyone and could be anything like warmth, coolness, energy, tingling, etc.
The key is to keep patience, wait for the sensations, and stay focussed.
Keep your mind relaxed and let the sensations travel all over your body.

Affirmations for Weight Loss
1. I can lose weight
2. I am not only losing weight but improving my lifestyle.
3. I can do it!
4. I’m making the right choices
5. I can achieve whatever I want
6. The most important thing is my physical and mental health.
7. I enjoy eating fruits and vegetables.
8. I can feel sensations in my body.
9. I feel good about myself.
10. Being active fuels my body.
11. I take time to think before giving into cravings.
12. I can lose my thigh/ arm fat
13. I choose to eat food that’s good for my body.
14. I am determined to reach my goals.
15. When I eat healthy food, I feel fit and energized.
16. I am strong and healthy.
17. My energy levels increase every time I inhale.
18. The food I choose to eat nourishes my body.
19. I chew my food properly to help the digestion process.
20. I can lose 10 Kgs of my weight
21. The food choices I make are consistent with my ultimate goal: losing weight.
22. I drink enough water to keep my metabolism running.
23. I am losing weight because I want it.
24. Even after I reach my goal, I’ll continue eating healthy.
25. I have everything it takes to reach my goals.
26. I am capable of achieving anything I want.
27. I know discipline and persistence are essential for losing weight.
28. My body is amazing.

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