Chris Hemsworth’s 5,000 Calorie Thor Diet | Eat Like | Men’s Health

Marvel star Chris Hemsworth had to go through a full body transformation for the role of Thor. Centr Chef Dan Churchill takes us through a full day of meals that Chris would have followed to transform his body by gaining size and lean muscle. Spoiler: he had to eat upwards of 5,000 calories! Watch more Men’s Health Eat Like videos HERE:

The Centr app offers members open access to Chris’s hand-picked team of international health and wellness experts and his all-star chef, Dan Churchill is integral to the mix. Now, in a further effort to show healthy and nutritious food can still be delicious, Dan is launching a brand new ‘Eat Like Chris Hemsworth’ YouTube series which delves into the diet and nutrition regime that Chris himself enjoys while training for some of his most famous movie roles.

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