Bruce Lee Workout (SECRETS REVEALED!)

Have you ever wanted to train like Bruce Lee? In this video, I am going to show you five core principles pertaining to the Bruce Lee workout and diet plan that helped to make him a lasting fitness icon so that you can implement them into your own workouts and meal plan.

The first principle of training like Bruce Lee is to lift what can be lifted. What this means is that you should have command and control of the weight through space. How can this command and control be displayed? Easily, actually. If you cannot stop the weight from moving at any point through the range of motion, then the weight is too heavy. For example, can you stop a dumbbell at point during a front raise? Or is the dumbbell so heavy that momentum is carrying it through the range of motion? Bruce Lee was a master of this and translated this demand of command and control into his martial arts practices as well.

The second principle to train like the legendary Bruce Lee is contraction creates command. By contracting the muscles following an exercise, there is an opportunity to create a greater mind-muscle connection. With a greater link between the two, you will have greater command over the muscles themselves in their pursuit of growth. Bruce Lee famously did this with pushups where, following a set, he would cross his arms and flex his chest. The good thing is that this can be done with almost any exercise and corresponding muscle group. For example, following a set of curls you would flex your biceps, or lat pulldowns; you would be flexing your back. Apply this technique to your training and see for yourself how you create a better mind-muscle connection to lead to further muscle growth than you previously thought.

Bruce Lee’s third training principle was to create strength by not losing strength. You’ve likely heard me say in the past that to improve performance on an exercise, you have to plug the energy leaks. Bruce Lee had a very similar approach to his training and workouts. This was displayed with his famous fingertip pushups – without creating rigidity and stability throughout the body, the exercise would be near impossible to perform. But this principle applies to more than just fingertip pushups; plugging the energy leaks can be done on so many exercises in so many forms.

Another application of creating strength was Bruce Lee’s inclusion of overcoming isometrics. He commonly did this on the bench press and the squat by pressing the bar against the pins of the rack so that the bar would move no further. Overcoming isometrics is a time-tested lifting technique that has helped to produce great strength results and is something you should look to include in your workouts as well.

To train like Bruce Lee, you have to understand his philosophy on food; being that you are what you eat. Bruce Lee was very conscious of the food that he put in his body and took great care to make sure that he was putting high quality, nutritious food into his system. He famously had an industrial juicer in his home, something unheard of at the time, to help prepare his meals. Bruce also understood the importance of including high quality protein in his meal diet as well. Taking care of what he ate and what he put into his body helped create the body that he sported and the performance to go along with it. I, myself, can’t stress the importance of high quality nutrition if you want to achieve the body you are looking for. Aesthetics or performance, it doesn’t matter; they are going too heavily rely on the food you eat.

The last principle of Bruce Lee’s training and workouts is that your abs should be like steel. While some might focus on their abs solely for appearance, Bruce Lee felt that the core was important for his martial arts performance as well. Thus, he focused on resilience and rigidity in his ab training. One ab exercise that Bruce Lee was famous for performing was the dragon flag, but if that move is too advanced, you can achieve similar results with exercises like the step out and plate drags. In this training principle, it’s important to take note of the obliques, but being able to train them with overload is even better. This can be done easily by hanging from a bar and performing oblique focused exercises there.

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