Affordable Diet Plan To Lose Weight Fast In Hindi | Simple – Easy Diet Plan – Lose 47 Kgs|Fat to Fab

Affordable Diet Plan To Lose Weight Fast In Hindi | Simple – Easy Diet Plan – Lose 47 Kgs – Suman Pahuja | @FattoFabSuman

Bajra & Makki ki Roti –

Chicken sandwich –
Peanut butter and apple sandwich –
Paneer bhuji sandwich –
Paneer sandwich –
Egg peanut butter sandwich –
4 sandwich recipe –
Egg sandwich without bread –

Quinoa Recipe –
Barley Dalia Recipe –

Sabudana wada:-
Channa tikki:-
Rajma tikki:-
Broccoli and Paneer Cutlet (Tikki) –
Banana and Ghiya Cutlet (Tikki) –
Oats and white channa tikki:-
Quinoa and paneer tikki:-

Yellow moong daal salad –
Dal beans salad:-
Green moong daal sabut salad:-
Dal salad:-
White channa salad bowl:-
Black channa salad:-
Dal ghiya –
Dal Petha –

Moong daal chilla:-
Palak rap:-
Green moong daal chilla:-
Quinoa and oats chilla:-
Ghiya besan chilla:-
Masoor daal rap-

Carrot ladoo:-
Oats and chocolate bar:-
Coconut and flaxseeds ladoo:-
Dry fruit jaggery:-
Besan ladoo:-

Apple and cinnamon tea –
Orange peel tea –
Lemongrass tea –
Herbal tea –

7 Dinner Recipes –

Ajwein and jaggary drink:-
Mint leaves+ jaggary drink:-
Neem Kadha (Neem & Jeera) –
Kesar and jaggary drink:-
Jeera tea –
Night drink – ( Jeera + cinnamon stick) –
Paneer doda Night Drink –


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