7 Exercises I Swear I’ll NEVER Do Again!

Today, I am going to share with you the 7 exercises that I swear I’ll never do again…ever. In this video, I am going to take you through the exercises that I have crossed off my to-do list for one reason or another. Now, that’s not to say that you can’t or shouldn’t do them, but just why I won’t do them myself. With that being said, let’s go over the list.

The first exercise that I have taken out of my workout routine is the decline bench press. Personally, I am not a fan of the blood rushing to my head that happens when I lay in the decline position, my shoulders going into internal rotation, and the difficulty of getting in and out of the set-up of the exercise. That being said, I much prefer to just do dips or decline cable crossovers.

Secondly, I promised that I would never do the the lying hamstring curl again. Based on the biomechanics of the exercise, the activation of the hip flexors in trying to raise the heels will lead to pulling on the lumbar spine, causing low back pain. As someone who has experienced this myself, I much prefer to choose exercises like the slick floor bridge curl and the glute / ham raise as alternatives in my hamstring training. These alternatives will still build muscle, even using just your own bodyweight.

The next exercise that’s been crossed off my list is the muscle up. Now, there is nothing inherently wrong with the movement, but with my shoulder issues, I find there to be better options for me. I personally find that I get to avoid any internal rotation of the shoulder joint that might bother me. I prefer to separate the exercise into their individual components to train their specific functions when it comes to building muscle. Thus, I opt to perform dips and pullups separately.

Number 4 on the list of exercises I won’t be doing is the bicep pushup. The reason I won’t do this exercise is because it simply doesn’t work the biceps like its name suggests. As a matter of fact, the extension of the elbow is working the triceps, not the biceps. If I am looking to train my biceps, I am going to choose an exercise that actually targets them, such as a curl. At least that way I can actually train and build my biceps.

The fifth exercise on this list is the snatch. Now, this is a great exercise for many athletes, but it takes a lot of time and effort to master the precision required to properly perform the lift. The snatch also requires solid shoulder mobility to perform, which is somewhere I struggle with my labrum issues. So, I don’t have the mobility or the time dedicated to perfecting the lift and for those reasons, it stays out of my workout routine.

Next, is the lunge. The forward lunge, specifically. I found that this movement is tough on my already weak knees because of my flat feet. When I step forward, my foot pronates and the arch collapses which causes my knee to cave inward, creating further instability and pain. My alternative is to keep that foot on the ground and step backwards with the other, avoiding that pronation of the foot and the caving of the knee. It’s a simple substitution that has saved me a lot of aches and pains.

The last entry on my list of exercises that I will never do again is the 1-arm row. This comes directly from an injury incurred not just by me, but others I’ve seen performing the exercise too. That injury happens to be an inguinal hernia that has occurred twice doing the same exercise. I instead opt for the tripod row, where I have both feet on the ground and have my weight balanced. This setup will help prevent that sort of injury from happening ever again.

Are there any exercises that you simply aren’t going to do anymore? Leave a comment below with a list of them and why you decided to cut them out of your training program.

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