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Constipation is the most common issue for kids and adults too. There can be many underlying reasons, why. The easiest explanation is that harder stools often happen when we are dehydrated or lacking fiber in our daily diets, putting picky eaters at higher risk.

However, other underlying issues can cause constipation, too, such as dysbiosis (imbalance of gut bacteria), yeast overgrowth, and poor digestion. In these cases, it’s important to get to the root cause of the issue instead of just using a “bandaid”
So Presenting a perfect remedy to overcome your daily constipation problem

This drink is not just a CONSTIPATION REMEDY but it also comes with more benefits such as :

▪️Reduce acne
▪️Cure urine infection
▪️Rich source of vitamin c
▪️Control sugar and blood pressure level
▪️Promotes hair growth & delays the aging process
▪️Prevent cavities
▪️Heals burns

This drink gives the best results once you take it for 25 days straight. You can have this drink in the morning with an empty stomach as well as before you go to bed (can be taken twice a day)

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